MaryMe JimmyPaul. Amsterdam. Rainbow warriors.

Maryme-Jimmy Paul, it's like a unicorn flying in the sky under ecstasy.
A Japanese cosplay girl wearing neon clothing hopping in electrical streets of Akihabara.
Or like an explosion in your face, like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Humor , fabulous, fantasy , bizarre, art and fashion : the words to define their crazy style scramble and intertwine in an attempt to name this hybrid universe.
Marryme-JimmyPaul erases the boundary between art and fashion . Each collection is a delirious story, inspired by their imagination, of their world or the pop culture. Unique and surprising characters,in total dark blue glitter look, in fur rainbow or wearing a plastic jacket containing hair, all topped with a good old bob pvc. we like when fashion is not serious.
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Photos: © Semuel Souhuwat // Hair and Make Up: © Dewi van Rinsum // Charlene The Amazing Faces: Jill, Amara

- The 10 questions to MaryMe-JimmyPaul -

*Who are the founders behind the fashion brand MaryMe-JimmyPaul ?

Marie Burlot & Jimmy Paul van Rinsum

*MaryMe-JimmyPaul, why this name ?

Our first show (at Mediamatic) was in a form of a wedding and we did not had a name yet, also at the time we listened to a lot of Hip Hop and joked around what our Hip Hop names would be, Marie would be Mary Me Blidge and Jimmy would be Lil'Jim, so it's a mix of both.

*Can you tell us more about the brand and your background ?

We graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Marie has a background in architecture and Jimmy in theater. We noticed during our education that both of us had the same interests and idea about fashion. It was a very logical step for us to work together after graduation.

*So far, which was the most important success for you ?

Not to sound cocky, but there are a lot of things we are proud of. Our first big show in Amsterdam, our show in New York, the celebrities that wear us (Rihanna, Paris Hilton Kesha etc), the first time we were for sale in a store, so many things to be proud of and hopefully more to come!

*Let’s talk about your latest collection. Why did you choose to call it Anita ? What’s the inspiration ?

This winter collection is an extension of our summer collection. Where the summer collection, MADISON, was based on a Hamptons summer garden, the winter collection is based on a Amsterdam winter garden. 'Anita' is just a typical Amsterdam name, such as (for us) 'Madison' is a typical American Hamptons girl name.

*3 words to summarize the woman of MaryMe-JimmyPaul ?

Fun, cosmopolitan and daring.

*What is your opinion about the Dutch fashion industry ?

There are some cool brands that have their own DNA and we think that the Dutch system supports that.

*You have worked on many projects – such as the Dutch National Opera or outfits for the artist Bebe Rexha – but what are your next projects or fashion events in your calendar ?

We are working on our collaboration with interior design company FATBOY in creating a MMJP x FATBOY raincoat. This will be presented in New York somewhere in October and then in stores for purchase. So keep an eye out!

*If you had to pick only three inspirational Tumblr, blogs or online magazine on the Internet, which ones would you choose ? // instagram: diorinthe2000s //

*Your message to young designers who want to follow your steps?

Just continue.

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Hair bucket hat // Herb & Flowers crop sweater // Enveloppe bag with hair