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The KRJST style is recognizable from every other style. Color mixtures, strange and intriguing characters, and unique staging. The prints are all-over and the cuts are loose not to fit the female and male body. and their phantasmagoric prints does not only spread on the fabric.
Because KRJST, is primarily an artistic collective, mixing stylists, Photographers and print makers.
The Art, the 3D technology, the photography and the textile design merge to become one.
We can count among their clients such as Eastpak, Huawei or Disney, we can see as well exhibitions in different places such as the Bozar in Brussels or the Saatchi Gallery in London.
Their strange characters will not end to intrigue us.
And you can see here the interview of KRJST


Inception - Under Pressure - Big Chief Montana

- The interview of KRJST -

*Erika Schillebeeckx and Justine de Moriamé, you’re the co­founders of the art collective KRJST, founded in 2012. KRJST, why this name ?

KRJST is the contraction of the letters KR from Erika and the letters JST from Justine. We also wanted to choose a name which evoke something spiritual and something federative at the same time. Those two ideas reflects the foundations of our art collective.

*Can you tell us more about your background ?

We had both a few years of global artistic studies were we discovered drawing, painting and video, before we entered la Cambre in the fashion design department. We both had an artistic vision about what fashion could be and wanted to use fashion as a multidisciplinary media.

*Let’s go deeper in the world of KRJST. What is it ? What do you do ?

Studio KRJST is a Belgian art collective founded in 2012 Gathering a panel of various artists (fashion designers, photographers and print designers), Studio KRJST offers its know­how and expertise to various projects. Fashion designers by background, Erika and Justine have a refined knowledge of textile, colors and shapes and have ability to integrate their knowledge into different fields of artistic expression. For their creations, the duo teamed up with the photographer Sebastien Delahaye who, by his eye, reveals their equilibrium point. The Krjst’s draw their inspiration in the search for identity in a globalized society and the meeting of different cultures combining technology and craftsmanship. By realizing its exclusive prints, materials and images, Studio KRJST offers its expertise and know­how to many achievements in the world of fashion and design. Renowned brands such as EASTPAK (luggage), HUAWEI (Technology company), MC ALSON (men’s underwear) and DISNEY already chose to work with the Studio for special editions or projects. Studio KRJST makes itself recognizable through its unexpected symbioses of elements like art, bold colors, 3D technology, photography and textile design. Studio KRJST presents two ready ­to ­wear collections per year. Past exhibitions include : MoMu in Antwerpen, Bread and Butter in Berlin, Saatchi Gallery in London, FashionClash Festival in Holland, BOZAR in Brussels.

*Where do you get your inspiration ?

All the team is inspired by a lot of different things. I would say first that we are very inspired by everyday life such as religion, weather, nature, friends, moments, intimacy, music and travelling . Then more specifically, we admire artists who has a big historical and social background such as Frida Kahlo, William Kentridge, Nina Simone and Michael Jackson. We are very inspired by the relation between art and fashion, between the 2D of an art piece and the 3D of a garment, a sculpture or even human bodies. We are fascinated by architecture, new technologies, artisanal craftsmanship and colors.

*Do you have a brand/fashion designer role model ? Why this one ?

We like how the japanese brand ANREALAGE is reinveting fashion, we like how Dries Van Noten always reinvents some grace. We also follow young designers and artists who are trying to install some personality in their work and projects.

*Is there an experience/success that stood out the most to you ?

When you create your first collection, when you show it for the first time, when you have your first shop, when you see someone wearing KRJST for the first time, when you make your first exhibition, your first art piece order, your first collaboration, ... Everyday something new is happening through the studio, which makes you more experienced and who gives you the guts to go forward and to believe in what we do.

*If I want a KRJST garment, where can I get it ?

If you want a KRJST garment, you have to come at our workshop with an appointment or to come to one of our exhibitions. One year ago, we stopped taking part in the fashion weeks and fashion industry for the reason that we started to have more creative contracts. So we are making very exclusive pieces for private clients with a lot of love. You are always welcome.

*What is your opinion about the Belgian fashion industry ?

Belgium has always been a creative fertile region, it must be something with the earth hertz or something like that. We have many great artists and fashion designers, with also very good schools. But then, a lot are having a big slap in their face when it starts to concern industry and funds. It is very different work to develop the business and commercial side. So it is important to partner up and make good working teams.

*After the project Star Wars Legion and the STROKAR exhibition, what are your next projects or fashion events in your calendar ?

We are working on a scenographic project for an exhibition who links art and fashion, in October in Brussels. We are also working on different kinds of tapestries for private orders for special clients :) We are preparing our participation on the Première Vision Design fair with our prints. We are working on a collaboration with a japanese brand of stationery and with a belgian artisanal luxury carpet designers. Then in January, we will present our second exhibition in Antwerp.


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