BAS KOSTERS. Amsterdam. I want it to be soft.

It's a unique universe. It's the Bas Kosters World. Bas Kosters, has his hand in all kinds of art, mixing techniques and disciplines in a frenetic production : some crazy Fashion Show, ready-to-wear products and design, jewelry, doll making, expositions, editing the magazine "Extra Kak", illustration and performances. Since 2005, the number of projects grows endless. No show or collection presented in 2016? Is that Bas Kosters is elsewhere.
And to be precise, you will find him in the Arnhem Museum .

Since the 14th may until the 4th september, It's a retrospective of the 13 years of design and creative work reunited in the Arnhem Museum, for the exhibition "I want it to be soft" The Journey of Bas Kosters. This first part of the exhibition is in solo, through a musical experience, news textiles project and unpublished installations, that promise a pretty good visit rich in colors for the eyes and imagination.


Extra Stark Magazine // Oldschool Bag Happy Collector // Face Print Scarf // Découvrir l’exposition

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‘I want it to be soft’ The Journey of Bas Kosters

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