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Imagine a pig, decorated with rhinestones , elevated to first untouchable subject of Her Majesty . The picture made you smile . With the collection "His Majesty's Royal Pig", Anouk Van Klaveren continues to take us into her fantastic universe. From her hair earrings, to the shirt adorned with pompons, through plastic pieces ornamented with iridescent colors, the style of this collection 000 005 is daring and creative. Anouk van Klaveren , it is also one of the founders of the crazy and creative collective : Collectif Das Leben Am Haverkamp. Four talented designers and outsized, because the greater of the number we are, stronger we will be. We go discover the others members of the collective, Gino Anthonisse, Christa Van der Meer and Dewi Bekker.
And if you want to learn more about Anouk Van Klaveren, the interview is HERE.

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Anouk van Klaveren_PROJECT 000 005 - 'His Majesty Prefers Pigs' photo by Imke Ligthart WEB_1
Anouk van Klaveren - silhouet study2 PROJECT 000 005
DLAH-anouk WEB photo by Jeronimus van Pelt
Anouk van Klaveren_PROJECT 000 005 - 'His Majesty Prefers Pigs' photo by Imke Ligthart WEB_4
Anouk van Klaveren_PROJECT 000 005 - 'His Majesty Prefers Pigs' photo by Imke Ligthart WEB
Lookbook Anouk van Klaveren PROJECT 000 005 Photo by Janne van Gilst
Lookbook Anouk van Klaveren PROJECT 000 005 Photo by Janne van Gilst2
Lookbook Anouk van Klaveren PROJECT 000 005 Photo by Janne van Gilst3.png
Anouk van Klaveren_PROJECT 000 005 - 'His Majesty Prefers Pigs' photo by Imke Ligthart WEB_2
Anouk van Klaveren_PROJECT 000 005 - 'His Majesty Prefers Pigs' photo by Imke Ligthart WEB Big_1

Photos 1/4/5/9/10 : © Imke Ligthart - Photos 6/7/8 : © Janne van Gilst - Photo 3 : © Jeronimus van Pelt

- The Questions to ANOUK VAN KLAVEREN -

*Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ? What is your background ?

I graduated from the fashion and textile department at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Netherlands, in 2013. My label was founded shortly after. After my studies I specialized in accessories, such as masks and jewellery, which play an important role in my collections. I got the opportunity to learn the profession of goldsmithing in practice, and work as a freelance goldsmith as well.

*Who are your role models and sources of inspiration ?

There are many! I was an interning at BLESS in Berlin during my studies. I admire their way of working: they can easily combine interior design, fashion and lifestyle. Their label is almost like a mind-set. I’ve learnt a lot from them! Inspiration comes from many sources! I find it interesting how fashion creates an illusion of structure and hierarchy. It’s fascinating how people from different cultures and sub-cultures showcase their financial or intellectual wealth. A leather jacket can represent coolness, Scottish tweed is associated with upper class tailoring, pearls are posh, but these are just western points of view. Even more fascinating is how these cultural norms start to blend, how standards can differ, or can resemble. Playing with this cultural relativity of luxury puts the fashion industry in the right perspective.

*Can you tell us about your collection XOX, His Majesty Royal Pig ?

For PROJECT 000 005 - 'His Majesty Prefers Pigs' I created an imaginary tribe. I designed gender neutral oversized robes, aluminium masks, relics, and jewellery made of silver, gold, pearls and human hair. With these elements I started to build characters. Pieter van Vliet, a songwriter, wrote stories about the characters based on my designs, and together we came up with fictional habits and rituals of the tribe. The project has become a parallel universe, which brings me ultimate freedom while designing. Imke Ligthart did a great job photographing the project.

*Who would you like to dress up with your collection ? Who would be your ideal customer ?

Iris Apfel.

*Where and when can we wear your collection ?

I work quite conceptual and treat my collections like stories. The mask and gloves for example are one-offs, which are only used during performances. Nevertheless, I find it important to include wearable pieces within the same project. For example the robes, coats and jewellery from my latest PROJECT 000 005 – ‘His Majesty Prefers Pigs’, are highly wearable. I challenge myself to make something I would wear myself in a very casual setting. In the end, fashion is made to be worn, and not just for museum purposes.

* In your opinion, what is the characteristic of the Dutch fashion compared to others fashion styles in the world ?

More and more women dear to dress like men and men like women. I don’t know if it’s typically Dutch, but it’s great. I don’t believe in separated wardrobes for men and women.

*What do you hope for the future ? What are your upcoming projects ?

Just want to continue doing what I do! Currently I’m working on a commissioned work for a new cultural centre in Flevoland. Flevoland is a man-made lowland in the Netherlands, during the 20th century. Therefore, it has a really short, but interesting history. I’m asked to make a work that has Flevoland as an inspiration. A really nice opportunity! Besides that, I am working on a publication of PROJECT 000 005 – ‘His Majesty Prefers Pigs’. The collection is still growing: I will realise new ear jewellery in the beginning of next year, during an annual showroom. As a collective of four fashion designers, Das Leben am Haverkamp, we organize a showroom during Paris Mens Fashion Week in January. It will be our second. So many exciting things coming up!

*Tell us about the collective Das Leben Am Haverkamp : what’s the story, the aim and the next projects ?

Das Leben am Haverkamp is a creative platform that represents four young fashion designers– Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker, Gino Anthonisse and myself. Besides our individual labels, we work together to create a novel context for our works, and share many ideas about fashion. We have a collective on-line platform (www.daslebenamhaverkamp) and organize presentations together. We reflect, push the limits, have fun and experiment. A fashion show is not the right format for us; we try new ways of presenting fashion. A naked old man performing at Amsterdam Fashion Week, an indoor jungle at Paris Fashion Week or in a contemporary art museum, or a presentation in your local supermarket: a few examples of what we have done or what you can expect from us. Currently we are starting with a super exciting collaboration with a famous Dutch museum, where we get the opportunity to make a work reacting on their collection. It will be our first curatorial assignment as well, we are very excited! Unfortunately we cannot elaborate about this project yet, but it’s going to be amazing!