a.KNACKFUSS. Brussels. Alien invasion.

Travel into Space. Here we go again. Even if the clothes of the brand a.KNACKFUSS has for priority to be original clothes but timeless, and unregistered in the trends, this time, it hit the nail right on the head. The creator Alice Knackfuss is taking us into the space, with this collection HUMAN COLONIES.

In this galactic vision, the silhouette borrows from wardrobe feminine/male to create a new comfortable and elegant wardrobe. The male suit redefined its femininity with a hatching of cotton flowers and a coats paper effect. Pockets are omnipresent, always more practical.
And the cuts are ample, losing any bending which feminizes.
But this explorer of future it's still a women, who likes wearing pencil skirts, the misty colors of watercolor and the latex. The asymmetry of certain parts go alongside to the disproportion of others. Transparent visor on her head, she goes on a journey, showing shamelessly aliens embroidered on her pull-over, like trophies of conquest.
Forward towards stars !

She graduates of the Academy of Fashion & Design in Munich, a stint with Kris van Assche and Ute Ploier later on, she is , in 2009, a finalist of the International Festival of Photography and fashion in Hyères. In the process, she won the Diesel Award at ITS International Talent Support festival , works at the men department of DIESEL brand and launched her own brand in 2011 .

Get a piece of the SS16 collection HUMAN SETTLEMENTS on the web, not easy. We looked . If you live in Europe , Asia or the USA ( around the world, in fact) , you may be lucky to find it in the many selective concept stores that reference mark that soar.

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